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It’s not a dream, it’s a reality. According to Aberdeen, implementing a CRM system allows you to exceed your sales plan by an average of 32%. In this article, we tell you how to choose the right software for your company’s needs.

What is CRM and what does it do?

The pandemic has put businesses in a situation where building long-term relationships with clients is vital. CRM, or customer relationship management, in Russian, is a particular philosophical approach to business. It is important that the entire company adheres to the principles of CRM: from marketing to sales staff: only comprehensive measures will show the client that the company is interested in solving his problem.

For the convenience of putting this philosophy into practice there are CRM systems which automate business processes and allow you to monitor a company’s performance.

But a CRM system is not a panacea and is not suitable for every firm. For example, for small businesses there are clearer, more convenient and cheaper options with the necessary functionality. If you have small sales, no in-house programmers, and no huge budgets, then good old Excel spreadsheets or Google spreadsheets will do.

But how do you know when it’s time? Ask yourself the question: what tasks need to be done to increase profits and simplify your work? Write it down.

Task list
In order to draw up a task list, properly imagine how your company would ideally work. Now think back to how it works now. What is missing automatically goes into the task list.

For example, the sales department handles only 40% of all requests because it doesn’t have time to gather information from different channels. Determine what specific metric you want to achieve by implementing a crm system. For example:

Increase the percentage of sales targets for each manager by 20%.

Think about it for about 3 days, including every detail in the list.

Once you have made a list of objectives, sign off on each one with a proposed technical solution.

For example:

It’s important that sales managers remember to call customers with each new offer – set up telephony, set reminders.


30% of requests from social media are not processed – integrate the acceptance of requests from social media and messengers.

Or here’s more:

Communication between departments in one project is difficult – internal chat.

In the section “Case studies” we show how tasks are formulated and what tools are used to solve them in the CRM system Bitrix24

Everything can be compared.
The market for CRM systems in Russia is vast. However, according to the Institute for Entrepreneurship Research 2019, more than 63% of Russian companies have not even heard of the existence of CRM systems. This can be attributed to the fact that, according to the same study, only 1% of businesses in Russia can be called large and medium-sized. The lockdown is likely to have a significant impact on CRM usage statistics: the traditional business format is not competitive in a harsh environment, and clients are moving to attentive and caring competitors.

20% of companies create CRM systems for their own needs. They hire a programmer to do this, and write the code for the box. There are universal systems; in some of them, as in a constructor, details can be added or removed. In Russia, the three most popular are Bitrix24, amoCRM and Megaplan. The companies offer a free trial period, during which do the following:

First of all go through the training completely, look and read everything about working on the platform and including reading the manual (you can even read it more than once). No one likes to read big manuals, but choosing a crm system is a serious investment that requires total focus on the tasks at hand to improve your business.
Invite employees to split into two groups: some will use the trial version of the service with you, while others will continue to work as normal in the meantime. Afterwards, compare the results of both groups.
In order to avoid objections talk through all objections with your employees straight away: it is long, complicated, it will not work, there is no desire to be constantly monitored by your boss. Show why the crm system is needed, that it actually shows concern for each employee’s productivity.

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