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CRM systems for courier delivery services: features

Modern delivery services operate in a mode of continuous interaction with a large number of customers, their activities are associated with the maintenance of a large number of business processes, and the “human factor” in such conditions can fail. In this regard, there is a need to automate a large number of continuous processes. First, let’s try to understand how such automation is justified.
How necessary are CRM systems in the activities of courier services

The main task of CRM systems, the capabilities of which are used on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and almost the entire post-Soviet space, is to automate the most routine processes. Their number in logistics and in the processing of related documentation is unrealistically high. And this is probably the main factor, thanks to which the use of CRM significantly reduces the costs of transport companies, increases the efficiency of their activities and allows you to avoid many mistakes that entail a lot of unpleasant consequences.

The need to implement such services in the activities of courier organizations today is no longer in doubt. And therefore we will proceed to consider the benefits of their use.
Advantages of using CRM in logistics companies and courier organizations

Optimization of business processes in logistics and cargo transportation through their automation guarantees undoubted advantages to companies that carry out their activities in this area:

Thanks to the use of CRM, the speed of processing applications is significantly increased. Automated acceptance of applications and monitoring of their status help employees of transport companies to respond quickly to incoming requests. This completely eliminates the risk that the application will be lost, regardless of which channel or through which communications it entered the carrier’s database.
Optimization of staff – by using CRM services, the staff can be significantly reduced, thereby avoiding unreasonable costs for the maintenance of individual services.
The functionality of modern CRM is tied to interaction with telephony, mobile messengers, mail clients and other means of communication, which inevitably expands the possibilities for effective interaction with the customer and increases the loyalty of the latter in relation to a particular courier service.
Ensuring guaranteed data security and eliminating the “human factor” through the use of a single window CRM system. A single window is a tool for simultaneous interaction with the client, for tracking routes, as well as for obtaining other necessary information.

What are the rules for choosing a CRM service?

When choosing a CRM for a courier delivery service, the first step is to understand what functions this system should perform in logistics. After that, you can identify relevant opportunities for a particular company and compare them with the tasks that a particular CRM system can solve.

Most CRM services focused on this area of activity have the following functionality:

interaction with the general database of customers and performers responsible for the execution of received orders;
generation, printing and distribution of documentation, as well as working with template services;

interaction with the operator through a convenient and intuitive interface.

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